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Marble And Granite Basic Knowledge

Last Updated: May 23, 2017

The natural stone mainly divide into marble and granite. Generally speaking, the stone with texture called marble; the stone with spot called granite, but it is broad saying. This two also can distinguish according to the geological concept. Granite is igneous rock, another name is acid crystallization plutonite, and it has the widest distribution among igneous rock, made of feldspar, quartz and mica, so it has hard and dense quality of rock.

marble countertops

The ingeous rock is formed by the underground magma or the lava from volcanic eruption, after condensing and crystallizing. There are the silicon dioxide content, feature of feldspar and content, which decides the feature of stone. When the silicon dioxide content is more than 65%, it belongs to the acidite. For this rock, when the orthoclase, anorthose, quartz and other basic mineral form as the crystallization, it will appear the beaded shape, so it called granite.

Marble is the metamorphic rock formed after the rock in the crust under the high temperature and high pressure effect in the crust. The endogenetic process of crust promotes different kinds of original rocks change, it means the original rocks’ structure, construction and mineral ingredient changes. The rock after qualitative change will produce the news rock called metamorphic rock.

Marble is main made of calcite, quartz, taxoite and dolomite. The main ingredient is calcium carbonate, occupying more than 50%. On account of marble usually include the impurity, and the calcium carbonate is under the effect of carbon dioxide, carbide and water, it is quite easy to suffer from the weathering and corrosion, which will cause the marble surface lose the glossiness. Marble usually has soft texture, comparing with granite.

The natural stone has the little pores on the surface, so it has not very good stain resistance ability, usually, it will deal with the surface when processing. In the area of indoor decorating, the TV table, window sill, indoor floor are more suitable for using marble; while threshold, cabinet top, outdoor floor is more suitable for using granite, especially, it had better to use the dark color granite if apply to countertop and vanity top.

Nowadays, some parts colors of the natural stone on the market is under the artificial dealing, and these stone colors will fade away after using for half a year to one year. The most obvious is the big flower green on the market, most of them are under the dying, not the real original color.

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