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How To Select The Marble Countertop

Last Updated: May 23, 2017

The marble countertop has got the recognition from the high end market for it is gracious natural texture, However, after all, many customers hesitate to choose the marble products for its radiation problem and identification ways.

marble kitchen countertops

The marble is the recrystallizeddomolite, and its main ingredient is calcium carbonate. The domolite will become soft under the high temperature, and when the including minerals change, it will produce as the marble again. Marble mainly process to different kinds of slabs, and use for the building wall, floor, countertop, column, what is more, use for the commemorative buildings, like monument, tower, statue and other materials.

The marble original means the quartz with black and white veins locating in Dali, Yunnan Province,ans its section can form as a set of natural Chinese ink landscape painting. In accent, people often select the marble with the molding veins to make the painting screen or inlay paintings. So, afterwords, the name of marble gradually develop to call every kind of quartz with different kinds of veins, and used for the construction decoration material. In general, the white marble will called as “white marble”, however, in the western, people usually called the white marble used for making the statue as “white marble”.

For the marble countertop after the finished process, we can identify whether the quality is good or not as the following ways.

The first one is observation, to observe the marble surface structure. Usually, even fine stuff stone hasdelicate texture, it regarded as the good marble; while the coarse grain and inequigranular texture marble has bad appearance. Otherwise, there usually produce some slight cracks on the marble under the geological process, and the marble is easy to break through these slight cracks, so we have to remove it when selecting.

Thesecond one is measured. It means to measure the marble size to avoid influencing jointing, or cause the pattern, design and border transform after joining, which will influence the decorative effects.

The third one is listening. It means to listen to the knocking noise of marble. The good quality marble has clear and sweet knocking noise; on the contrary, if there exist the slight cracks or the porous parts caused by weathering, the knocking noise is gruff.

The last one is test. It means to test the marble quality by the simple test method. Usually, drop a little ink on the marble back, if the ink disperse soon, it shows there exist the slight cracks or porous parts in the marble, and the marble quality is not so good; on the contrary, is the ink keep still, it presents the marble is high quality.

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