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The Reasons Why Marble Floor Worn

Last Updated: May 23, 2017

Stone, this natural product, is quite widely applied to the buildings. On one hand, it has the function of construction; on the other hand, it has the effects of decoration beauty. Nowadays, we can find the wide application of stone in the area of large hotels and other buildings. We are amazing for its solemn, elegant and gorgeous decoration effects. However, due to the natural feature of stone, so the stone is hard to avoid the different kinds of problems when using, then cause the stone worn phenomenon. There are two reasons, maybe the stone natural feature, maybe the stone installation and using condition.  

Marble Floor Tiles

Usually, we may find there are some partial or large area damage, like cracks, break, dusting, pores and another phenomenon in the high-end hotels and other large public places, especially, the marble installed floor is more frequent to show these problems. Due to this damage parts are quite easy to pollute and hard to clean and remove, so we will have the bad appreciation for the porous floor, which will form the extreme difference with the parts without pollution, so it will reduce the using value and effects for the marble.But, people are unable to change these worn marble easily, on the one hand, it will cause the loss for the material and labor; on the other hand, the owner is hard to afford the relative loss if stopping the business when changing the marble. It seems very important to discuss and adopt some solution to repair the marble floor.  
There are several reasons for the marble worn problem.
The first one is subsidence and dilaceration of floor surface cause this problem.
The second one is the outer damage.
The third one is the future trouble exist when selecting and installing the marble. On account of people only focus the stone color tone, without considering the difference of granite and marble in the weather resistance and wear resistance. On the other hand, at first, thr stone is mainly from foreign, and there is not so advanced processing technology for granite, white marble has a plenty of color tones and styles which makes choosing the marble as the indoor decoration become the fashion. This is one the main reasons why marble has more problems in the area of the stone floor.

The natural defects for marble. Some marble exists many natural defects, like cracks, sand holes, loose, half-cooked and so on. If not repair this defects before installing, the marble floor may get wet and some harmful pollution, the cause the lesion and damage on the defects parts at first.

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