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Surface Process

 Natural stone is a rough block,we need to process in difference type surface according to difference usage or project,polishe,flamed is mostly popular surface,and below is description stone surface process type for your reference .
1, Polished
Polishing surface is the glossy, with resin abrasive to polish the surface, so that it has a mirror luster of the tiles, the surface used indoor project to avoide slipper dangerous if rainy days


Honed surface refers to the surface smooth, polishing processing less resin abrasive on the surface. The luminosity is smooth grinding low, generally in 30-50, about 60.not mirror reflect .

3, Flamed
Flamed surface the use fire high temperature burn stone surface to form a  rough is popular used outside project floor or wall tile

Bush-hammered surface  is made of a hammer knock on the stone surface, then surface is like litchi skin, which is more common in the surface of the carving surface or paving stone tile for outside project.

5, Natural Splite
Natural Splite refers to the hammer a piece of stone in the middle of natural split, forming processing method like natural rock extremely uneven surface. It can used floor or wall tile, The natural surface is very rough, widely applied in small pieces, cobblestone is popular type .

Mushroom surface refers to the surface of the stone with a chisel and hammer on the stone to form like a mountain design tile, it is popuar to use outside wall, look natural feeling decoration. This processing method generally at the bottom of the thickness to 3CM, the convex part can be based on the actual requirements in 2CM and above.

7, Rough-Picked
Rough-picked is on the surface of the stone with a chisel and hammer on appearance like pineapple. It is widely used floor tile outside .

Sandblasted surface is using river sand or emery instead of high pressure water to flush the stone, forming a decorative surface grinding effect of the formation of sand

9, Chiseled
Chiseled is a hammer knock with the stone like appearance of longan, is one of the most common mode of granite sculpture surface treatment.

10 Leather
Leather surface technology used diamond brush, brush is made of diamond and nylon, leather process is just for granite material, because it is stronger brush, marble stone is soft materials, it is not suitable for it. now for some leather floor tile, leather countertops projects.

For usage
Indoor floor tile, wall tile, it is used polished type. We also doing waterjet surface, it is artwork for wall tile background  .
Outdoor paving, it is flamed, bushhammerd, brushed surfaces.
If any surfaces samples need to check, we can send to you .