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 1.What is s mosaic
Mosaic is a a designs that a sheet made from difference size,materails,designs
popular mosaic material:ceramic/porcelain mosaic,glass mosaic,marble mosaic,quartzite mosaic,slate mosaic,stainless steel mosaic
Usage:Kitchen backsplash,Bathroom wall,Swimming pool,Balcony,Corridor,Fire place

2.Mosaic particle Surfaces
Finished : matte and glossy
Shape:square, strip, rounded,irregular round, rough surface and so on. With this material to decorate the walls or the ground, both to retain the rustic nature of the natural stone itself, and make the pattern rich.
3.Mosaic Designs
round/penny,square,diamond,riangle,hexagon,octagon,strip,herringbone,chervon,cambered,heart shape,basket-weave,arabesque/flower shape,diamond-shape/rhombus
Standard size:12”x12”x3/8” per sheet,mosaic sheet is make of small particles to be difference designs,
Natural marble mosaic made of hand-made, because the mosaic material with durability, not because of environmental time and peeling, discoloration, are high-end decorative products, pure color, elegant and generous, with durable Never fade the characteristics. Widely used in various types of building decoration, interior decoration, is the ideal high-end decorative products.

4.How to inspect mosaic Quality
1 Colors:materails colorsis A grade,not defect
2 Size:mosaic particle size and sheet is perfect designs,not broken corner etc
3 Packing:standard mosaic packing,stronger packing.