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Who we are?

Newstar is a professional stone supplier from China, with more than 800 kinds of stones from 50 countries around the world. We have been in the stone supplying for more than 21 years, and won Alibaba Top 10 Global E-Business of year 2012. Addition, winning a good reputation in granite, marble, also had good processing performance in countertops. We keep our purpose:"Thoughtful pre-sale instructions, huge product system, professional quality inspection, fast delivery." Newstar is your best choice for you as a supplier of stone.

What we sell?

Our granite is always a surprise to customers.
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Perhaps it is time you try to use a Chinese marble.
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Onyx will bring more inspiration for your design.
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Without countertops, how could the kitchen and bathroom be perfect.
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Without travertine, how could you catch up with the times.
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