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Stone Worn Prevention And Remedial Measure

Last Updated: May 27, 2017

We often see some stone decorative floor occurring the partial or large area worn in some high-grade hotels and other large-scale public places, like cracks, breakage, dusting, pores and another phenomenon. Especially, this phenomenon often occurs on the floor installed by marble.

Stone Worn Prevention

Stone, this natural product, has more and more application in the area of buildings, on one hand, it has the construction function; on the other hand, it has the decorative effect. At present, we will see the stone application in some large-scale hotels and other buildings, also admire its decorative effect for solemnness, elegance, magnificence. However, due to the natural feature of stone, it decides the stone will come out different kinds of problems during application, what is worse, it may cause breakage. One of the reasons why the problems come out is related with the texture of stone, the other is related with the installation and environment.

Due to these worn parts is easy to be polluted and hard to remove, so people will see the dirty and porous floor, and it will make an extreme difference with the elegance surrounding environment and atmosphere, which will highly reduce the application value and effect for stone. However, it is not so easy to change these worn stone, for it will cause the high loss for material and labor, the other is that the owner is difficult to afford the related loss if stopping business to change the worn stone floor.

There are several reasons why the stone floor gets worn.
The first one is the setting and tearing problems for the floor basic part, which will cause the stone floor get worn.
The second one is the outer breakage cause the stone floor worn.
The third one is the marble selection as the floor installation will leave this outcome according to the stone feature.
The fourth one is the natural weakness of stone. Before installing the stone on the ground, if do not deal with this weakness, after some time, it may cause floor worn.

According to the analysis of the reasons why the stone floor gets worn, we can know not only do not select the loose texture stone, the water is the main reason for the floor worn. The solution for water is brushed the protective agent on the stone surface before installing, which will help to avoid the water penetrate the water, then avoid the stone floor get worn.

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