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How to Reduce Quartz Slicing Cracks

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018

In many cabinet countertop materials, artificial stone products can quickly occupy the countertop market. Not only because of the thickness of the plate, glossy, no radiation, but also to do random bending, seamless bonding. Due to the sick of hardness, the mesa area is being replaced by quartz stone, but the high hardness of quartz stone for seamless splicing, has become a problem that the industry and quartz manufacturers can not break the bottleneck. So how to reduce and repair the clearness of cracks in quartz splicing?

quartz countertops for kitchen

The seams on the table not only affect the overall beauty, but also breed bacteria easily. Because the hardness of quartz is second only to natural diamond, the highest hardness can be as high as 7 Morse hardness. So, when the material is opened, the edge is rough, and the natural splicing will produce cracks. It is more difficult to achieve seamless splicing. At present, the so-called seamless splicing will not be the same as the original plate, a glue line still can be seen. This has nothing to do with the price of quartz, it is not a high price can do.

To achieve seamless stitching, first of all, the stitches should be polished.
This process is a big test for the technology of the installers (but now there are numerical control equipment to complete).

And then paste with the same color glue originally installed by the manufacturer after finishing the grinding.
Before pasting, we should first match the color with the countertop to avoid color aberration, and use paper tape to paste on the edges of the two opposite interfaces to avoid unnecessary trouble when the glue is cleaned up in contact with the plane. After finishing the preparation work, evenly smear the glue.

Use the F clip to fix for about 15 minutes, and try to avoid grinding after stitching. 

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