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Causes and Repair Measures for Blackening of Quartz Mesa Joints

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2018

Compared with ordinary building materials filled with formaldehyde, a new type of artificial stone is formed by die-casting. The market for other decorative materials is rapidly being seized. Because the production process is different from other artificial stone products, it is called quartz by quartz manufacturers. The appearance of quartz can avoid overexploitation of natural stone and absorb some abolished materials, although the price of quartz is on the high side. But the decorative effect is also higher than other stone, large area use no color difference.

With the continuous enhancement of the national environmental protection requirements, a variety of building materials have certain restrictions. As the government's strong support of the quartz stone is gradually entering the family to become the leader - the countertops materials. We know that now the quartz stone products is the countertops for kitchen and bathroom, but many problems also occur in the counter tops, such as the most troubled everyone seam is black.

causes and repair quartz mesa joints

Why does quartz blacken?

In general, good Mesa installation, the stitching will gradually become obvious after in the use of a period of time. Blackening is caused by the modulation of glue curing agent plus excessive.

In addition, glue can be oxidized in the air for a long time, it can also cause blackening. Most glue will appear in this situation, the difference is only the length of time and the depth of the color. This is why the quartz manufacturers with special glue reason!

The other is that the machiners are not strict with the seams and the cracks are too large, when they make and install on the countertops, which will cause the seams to become yellowish and blackened in the process of using the table surfaces.

How to repair it?

The repair method can be polished with a polishing machine and waxed after polishing, but this method cannot be eradicated and needs waxing treatment on a regular basis.

Have you learned it now?

Anyway, if you have any need on quartz stone or other stone products for your projects, welcome to contact Newstar Stone.

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