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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mosaic

Last Updated: May 24, 2018

With the increasing requirements on the decoration of people, multi-faceted decorative materials began to widely used, mosaic is one of them. Mosaic is a decorative arts, usually using many small stone tiles or colored glass pieces into the pattern.

According to the most common mosaic,

they can be divided into three categories: stone mosaic, glass Mosaic, ceramic mosaic.

As a decoration material, mosaic is an ancient decorative arts, and has a long history, it has been used in the early European church window grille, and modern mosaic widely used in swimming pools, bars, kindergartens and other places, forming a variety of colorful effect. Nowadays, mosaic decoration has entered the ordinary home decoration, especially in the bathroom, porch, TV wall and other parts have a wide range of applications.

Mosaic tiles for kitchen wall

The advantages of mosaic:

1. Rich decoration:
Mosaic with a variety of materials or a variety of colors, style splicing, have rich decorative effects change, both the pattern or level are rich and colorful, according to different requirements to create a special atmosphere. Decorated with other materials can be highline its features, it can be use d to make mosaic wall and so on.  In addition, due to its small pieces of plastic molding, it can be suitable for a variety of arc, irregular areas and other occasions.

2. Environmentally friendly:
Most of mosaic made of marble, tiles, or glass, with non-toxic and non-radiation, it in sharp contrast to some materials which contain a lot of harmful substances.

3. Excellent quality:
In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, mosaic that with a large number of gaps between the block and block, can prevent people from slipping. its anti-slip coefficient is more than 0.80 that are very safe. Meanwhile, mosaic has an excellent performance in bearing friction.

4. The industry is mature:
Due to the long history of using it, the market f mosaic is getting more mature, GB or line standard also has its relevant regulatory requirements.

Marble mosaic tile backsplash

Disadvantages of mosaic:

1. Compared to the same area of tile, it may have a higher cost in decoration.

2. The small pieces of mosaic with more cracks, is easier to get dirty.

3. The requirements of laying mosaic is high, if the method is incorrect may cause mosaic fall off. (But the sticky is also easy, just needs a small piece of mosaic to replace)

Newstar Stone is a mosaic tiles supplier from China. We can offer different kinds of mosaic tiles, including marble mosaic, slate mosaic, 3D mosaic, travertine mosiac, etc with various shapes, such as Baroque, Fan-shaped, Basketweave, Hexagon, Brick, Square, etc.

Therefore, if you need any help in mosaic tiles, welcome to contact Newstar Stone.

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