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Influence Factors of Processing Natural Stone

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2018

For the modern house decoration, the finishing natural stone becomes the new favorite. People tend to use the natural stone as one of the main decorative material. However, in reality, some factors will come out when processing the natural stone into cut-to-size tiles.

The main factors will influence the natural stone processing property are hardness, mineral composition, chemical composition and the stone structure construction.

1) The hardness. Under normal circumstances, harder the natural stone is, more difficult to process, more wearing extent for the processing tools. Because with the hardness increases, the wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance ability will increase, so as the cutting resistance.

2) Mineral composition and chemical composition. The natural stone includes mineral composition and chemical composition, different mineral composition and chemical composition will have different processing property. For example, the marble mineral is mainly calcite and dolomite, and its hardness is 3 and 3.5-4 degrees, less hard than granite, will be easier to process. The granite mineral is mainly quartz, orthoclase and anorthose, and its hardness is 6.5-7. To a large extent, its processing property depends on the quartz and orthoclase content, more content, more difficult to process. For the chemical composition, for example, more SIO2 content, more difficult to process.

3) The stone structure. Generally speaking, even particle natural stone structure would be easier to process than the uneven particle structure; the fine particle structure will have better polished quality than the rough particle; the compact structure natural stone will have higher glossiness than the loose structure; good mineral crystallization extent with directional arrangement and same direction of optical axis will highly increase the glossiness after polishing.

marble floor tile

Except for processing natural stone, how to distinguish the quality of finished natural stone is also essential.

1) Observation. To observe the surface structure of stone by eyes. Generally speaking, stone with even fine structure and smooth texture must be the good stone; rough structure will have the worse appearance effects. Otherwise, the stone may produce some little cracks due to the geological process, and the stone is easy to break along this cracks, so need to remove it when selecting slabs.

2) Measuring. To measure the stone sizes to avoid the joint, or the pattern, texture, figure transformation, which will influence the decorative effects.

3) Listening. To listen the knocking noise of stone. Stone with good quality will have melodious and sweet knocking noise, on the contrary, if there exist inner slight cracks or the particle gap comes loose due to weathering, the knocking noise will be cracking.

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