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Seamless Processing of Stone

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2018

Stone grinding as a whole, the use of mechanical tools, the cleats between the stone clean up, and then fill with plastic repair filling, the overall effect of the formation of stone, to avoid the gap pollution and improve the quality of decoration, such a process, known as the Stone Seamless Processing.

Stone seamless processing, divided into wall treatment and ground handling.

Volakas marble NMJ011                                                  Volakas White Marble Tiles

What problems can be solved by seamless processing?

1) Prevent gap pollution. If the stone does not do seamless processing, in daily use, the gap between the plates become a place where dirt and dirt, a lot of dust, soil retention. On the other hand, the daily cleaning of water, will stay in the cracks, resulting in stone pollution, disease and many other follow-up problems.

2) Functional requirements. If you do not do seamless processing, stone rolling and bump by heavy objects, it is prone to rupture, lack of edges and other issues less angular. 

There are three ways to processing method, integrated, grid,  seam processing. The most common treatment is integrated processing, the marble gum tune into close with the stone color, embedded in the gap to fill, forming a stone body and the gap color is basically the same effect. The seam processing, this treatment is more suitable for honed surface, rough stone.

Seamless processing also has its own standard:

1, Colour and Lustre
Seamless processing, the use of plastic color, stone color should be basically the same (except for special treatment).

2, Gloss
Seamless processing is completed, after the overall grinding, fill parts of the gloss, should be consistent with the stone. Test method is: 3 meters away from the gap, observe the overall effect of the ground. Then 0.5 meters above the gap, the vertical observation, the basic observation did not see the significant difference between the plastic body and stone.

3, The Application Effect
Stone seamless processing, the overall grinding, after the crystal polishing, in the long-term use, marble gum shall remain unchanged color, non-black, no pollution, no glue, the joints shall not shrink, fracture, depression, the wrong seam and so on.
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