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 First, please follow the state or country say they own popular or marketable products:
The Southeast  Asia
(Mayasia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei)
Marble / granite slab, slab, half slab , sandstone, slate, paving stone,onyx,billiard table (Indonesia)
The Middle East.
Marble / granite slab, slab, half slab, sandstone, paving stone, stairs, pebbles, slate, artificial marble
- Africa
Artificial marble, granite, marble, stone basin, stone, slate, pillars
- Eastern Europe
 (RUSSIA, Kazakhstan)
Tombstone, granite, limestone, paving stone, stone, kerb stone, slate, marble, tile, stone basin, marble composite tile.
- Western Europe
Sandstone, fireplace, sculpture, glass basin, pillar, door, window sill,pattern, slate, granite, limestone, marble, onyx composite, stair , stone,culture stone
The United States
countertops, pebbles, quartz, granite, marble, travertine, limestone, mosaics, columns, railings, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, stainless steel sink, ceramic sink, onyx composite, culture stone, shower  pannel, slab, artificial marble
(Canada and the United States is still a little difference)
Cabinet, countertops, slate, culture stone, travertine, kerbstone, sandstone, stainless steel sink, ceramic sink,quartz
- Australia / New Zealand / Fiji
Culture stone, sandstone, marble, paving stone, slate, granite, tile, quartz, marble, countertops,pebble, mosaic
- South America
(including the Caribbean, South America, etc.)
Countertops, granite, natural quartz, culture stone, marble, travertine, quartz, lines, columns, slab,half slab etc .