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Nero Marquina Marble

Last Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Nero marquina is one of the popular marble China original. It's widely used in wall cladding and flooring for decors. Such as hotel lobby, reception, bathroom and so on.

The magic of this intense marble when it arrives on the scene in interior architecture and in contemporary decors is fascinating. It is much-loved for the designer and architect.

Its irregular white veins, concentrated to a greater or lesser extent according to the slab being installed, it is totally different with the unit tile, visually recall a painter’s brushstrokes on an intense black canvas.

The final effect, a majestic velvety stone mantle that dissolves into a decorative setting, offering endless aesthetic possibilities. Negro Marquina marble makes the building gorgeous, it leaves no-one unmoved.

Welcome to find Newstar Stone to custom Negro Marquina marble for your decoration.

Nero Marquina Mable floor tiles

Nero Marquina Marble Countertops

Nero Marquina Marble Tiles for Bathroom

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