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A Good Building Material - Bala Flower Granite

Last Updated: May 09, 2018

The granite has high surface finish and high hardness density. In addition, Bala flower granite is a deep rock, with mineral particles visible to the naked eye, and is not weathered.

Bala flower is hard, fine, beautiful color and color, is a good building material, mainly used in buildings with high grade of architectural decoration, such as memorial buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, theatres, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations and other large public buildings, interior walls, columns, etc. Floor, stair steps and other decorative materials can also be used for stair balustrades, service desk, door face, wall skirt, window sill board, kick board and so on.

Bala Flower Granite Sample

Physical characteristics: rock density: 2.62 g / m3, water absorption: 0.15%, compressive strength: 152.9%, flexural strength: 14.4%.

Available products: thin tile, projects tile, countertop & vanity top, half slab

Product advantages: preferential price, good quality, hard texture, compact structure, strong compression resistance

If you need Bala flower granite, welcome to contact Newstar Stone, a granite factory from China. There are the best grantie products for you, granite countertops, slabs, tiles, etc.

Bala Flower Granite Tiles

bala flower granite slab

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