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Introduction of Marble Cabinet Cleaning And Maintenance

Last Updated: May 23, 2017

Marble has another name called calcium carbonate, because of its production place is Dali City, Yunnan Province. After getting touching or regional he limestone or dolomite metamorphism, then the marble appears, The main element of the mineral is the calcite, when meeting the hyfrochloric acid will produce the bubble, so it will produce homeocrystalline or heterogranula crystalloblastic texture with different size of particle. The marble is the main type as the natural building decoration stone, in other words, the marble has the decoration function, and also can process to the building stone or artware.

Marble Cabinet Cleaning 

The marble original means the quartz with black and white veins locating in Dali, Yunnan Province, ans its section can form as a set of natural Chinese ink landscape painting. In accent, people often select the marble with the molding veins to make the painting screen or inlay paintings. So, afterwords, the name of marble gradually develop to call every kind of quartz with different kinds of veins, and used for the construction decoration material. In general, the white marble will called as “white marble”, however, in the western, people usually called the white marble used for making the statue as “white marble”.

How to maintain the marble? Here will try to introduce the measures for the marble cleaning and maintenance as following.

The marble has many pores, that is why the marble is quite easy to stick the stains. In a very short time, once something dirty touches on the marble cabinet surface, it is better to clean it completely as soon as possible. How to avoid this problem? For example, to put a mat under the drink bottles to avoid the liquid will touch on the marble cabinet surface.

 Regular cleaning is also another effective measure to keep the marble cabinet surface cleaning. You can clean the marble cabinet surface with the warm water, then use the cleaning cloth to dry the surface. If using the wet cotton cloth to clean, there will not leave any marks on the marble surface. According to the cleaning degree, once a year or twice a year, use the temperate detergent liquor(hand-washing or tableware detergent and warm water) to wash the marble surface and make it dry.

If the marble cabinet surface is far away from brightness and glossiness, we can use the marble cleaning detergent and polishing process to make it become quite bright again.

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