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16 Anniversary Celebration of Newstar Stone

Last Updated: May 21, 2018

May 19th, 2018 is a special day, it’s Newstar stone’s 16-year-old birthday. In this day, with the positive efforts and cooperation of the company leaders and all the staff, we successfully held an interesting anniversary celebrations for our company.

Newstar Stone 16 Anniversary - Pick Myrica Rubra

Newstar Stone 16 Anniversary Celebration

Looking back on the 16 years, our services are always in the forefront of the industry in the spirit of professionalism and enthusiasm. The technology and service of Newstar are excellent and advanced, and we can also confidently say that the technology of Newstar will never lag behind. We follow the international frontiers, dedicate our customers with better technology and service, and push the development of the product industry with better technology.

Sixteen years is very short, in the long history of the river, it is only a small wave, in the short time with opportunities and challenges, Newstar Stone takes many people's eagerly anticipation fall to the ground; in the season of beauty and peace and the recovery of all things, Newstar has a 16th anniversary birthday.

At the moment, let us deeply say: "happy birthday, Newstar, happy birthday to you!"

Hope Newstar Stone will get better and better in the coming days, and will be more and more prosperous.

Happy 16 Anniversary, Newstar Stone

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