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Newstar Stone Wish You Merry Christmas

Last Updated: Dec 23, 2017

The kitchen is the important spatial space with higher density and operating frequency as the house living facility, also, it is the important place for household activity. So how to decorate your kitchen, undoubtedly, is the key part as your new year’s job.

Christmas Kitchen Decoration

First of all, the floor decoration material selection. There are two kind of ceramic tile, glazing and unglazed. The unglazed material is more coarse with skid resistance function, so it is quite suitable for kitchen space. Its advantages are durability, not easy to be polluted,easy to clean and better effect of surroundproofing.

Wall material. The kitchen wall material is better for the convenience, not easy to be polluted, water resistance, fire resistance, heat resistance, softness and good visual effect. For some area need to frequently used, you could choose the the granite tile or ceramic tile and some other safe and strong material.

The ceiling material. The first point for ceiling material selection is fire and heat resistance, then the key point is not easy to be polluted and fade-proof.

The kitchen countertop installation. The kitchen countertop has to afford the important mission for washing, food dealing, cooking, stocking and so on. Nowadays, the main material for countertop could be natural stone and artificial stone.

Natural stone includes different kinds of marble and granite with plentiful colors and texture, and commonly selected colors are black and white. The natural stone has hard texture, especially for the anti-scratch property. The black series granite has quite high hardness and better decoration effect with lower prices; the marble with beautiful texture has more magnificent.

The artificial stone includes seamed and seamless type: The seamless type artificial stone can imitate all kinds of texture of natural stone with less hardness than natural, but it has excellent ability to resist the water, stain, acid and alkali. This material adopts the special adhesive powder to achieve seamless bonding, after polishing, it will fuse with the countertop together; if there cause the scratches, just polish it and it will be bright again. The seamed artificial stone keep the advantages of softness as the seamless, and its prices will be cheaper.

Christmas Home Decoration

Some notice for the kitchen building and decoration,
1. The material must be water resistant. The kitchen is a wet place, so all surfaced decoration material need to be water resistance and easy to clean.
2. The material must be fire resistant. In the kitchen, especially around the stove, we have to focus on the fire resistance of the material.
3. The tableware must keep properly. Try to use closed kitchen furniture, and stock the wares into the cabinet separately to guarantee sanitation and tidiness.

Finally, Newstar Stone wish you Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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