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3 Reasons Why Travertine Pavers Are Perfect For A Pool Deck

Last Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Travertine is one of the most popular stone for the outdoor swimming pool decoration.

There are three reasons why travertine pavers are so popular for the pool.

travertine pavers for pool

1. Travertine is an insulator
Travertine reflects the heat from sunshine while absorbing the cool of the ground underneath it. This way, even on the hottest day of the summer, pool deck denizens won’t burn their toes traversing the patio.

2. The stone is slip-proof
Antique surface is the most popular surface finished for the pool travertine pavers, because it is fantastic looking and slip-proof. Additionally, this absorption prevents possible flooding from making a lake out of your patio.

3. Natural pavers look fantastic
The stonework with a multitude of colors and styles, makes it look fantastic alongside your pool.

If your pool lining is a bright aquamarine, you might consider a starker hue of the stone to enhance this vibrancy. Ivory color makes it gorgeous, especially in french patterns.

travertine pavers

travertine pool coping

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