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Cleaning and maintenance of artificial stone countertops

Last Updated: Oct 28, 2017

Pure Grey Arificial Quartz

Cleaning of Artificial Stone Countertops

Artificial stone is a dense material with artificial synthesis solid pores, it has the characteristics of corrosion resist all kinds of stains, food, edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar, alcohol, iodine, citric acid, lipstick, shoe polish, ink stains and so on are not as much harm and leaching of artificial stone. For the artificial stone countertop scientific clearing methods are followed:

Ordinary cleaning:
For artificial stone countertops, usually, use a simple cleaning and maintenance. For example, artificial stone countertop with water stains or a large number of stains, you can use a wet rag scrub and a large number of household detergents or soap can be immediately removed.

Stains or cut:
For the artificial stone cut or stain cannot be washed on the ordinary methods, it can use the household cleaning powder and wipe removal piece of scouring pads, using the fine sandpaper can reach Stronger purification.

Strong pollution treatment:
For processing the artificial stone with the strong stains, cigarette burns scar or a large number of cut, available water sandpaper to remove stains or cut and using the polishing machine for polishing.The more exaggerated damage should be combined with the dealer, they have the skill and set the device to repair the wound.

In the process of using the artificial stone be careful, don't literally butts on it, not just the cutting operation in the above. Once it has a large area of damage, it will not be able to restore.

Artificial stone countertop maintenance
Many consumers in the choice of cabinet countertops, like artificial stone, because of its strong modeling ability, the overall cost is cheaper than natural stone. However, some consumers ignore the later maintenance, they do not know that it is also essential to extend the life of artificial stone countertops.

1. Do not put the high-temperature object directly on the artificial stone countertop
Take hot pot directly from the stove or oven and the microwave, or other high-temperature appliance may bring damage to the artificial stone surface. Using a pot holder with rubber feet or a heat shield on the top.
2. Do not use the artificial stone as the cutting board
Padding cutting boards when cutting, although the artificial stone is solid and durable, doing so will leave unsightly scratches and blunt the knife. If you leave the knife mark, it can according to the track depth, using 180-400 sandpaper to wipe the surface, then using scouring cloth to clean again.
3. The artificial stone surface should try to keep dry.
Because the water contains a lot of bleach and scale, residence time is too long, it will make the countertop color becomes shallow and affect the appearance. If it has the phenomenon, please wipe with a 600#-1200# water abrasive paper then sprayed with "Bi Franc" after dry 

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