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How to Install Stone Background Wall

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2018

There are many ways and materials of the background wall decoration, among which the stone background wall is a kind of way that has been popular recently.

So how to install the stone background wall? The following is some tips for you.

Natural Onxy for Background Wall

Preparation and method of installation of stone background wall:

1. The background wall is mounted on a flat concrete wall or carpentry base.

2. Plate and line stone AB glue (two kinds of glue mixed) paste. Roman column for stone dry pendant 90 degrees angle code, pick code, expansion screw) and AB glue installation. Roman column woodworking bottom can be directly glued with AB glue. Top line needs dry pendant and AB glue installation.

3. After reading the accompanying plane and profile, combine the background wall and place it on the ground (typesetting).

Stone background wall installation sequence:

1. Measure the size of the wall body and background wall to ensure that the installation position is accurate.
2. Install kick thread
3. Install background fill (middle background center)
4. Install both sides of the parapet (not negligible)
5. Install flat plate
6. Install the Roman column (Base--shaft--capital)
7. Install line with bottom pedal
8. Install lock head and curved wire (if stick good, can be ignored)
9. Installation of top wires (negligible without belt)


1. The column is installed on the plate; the line is pressed against the plate and the backfill, and the foot under the line is mounted on the kick line and the plate (so the backfill is a little longer than the kick line, please pay attention to the location of the installation.

2. Need to wait until the stone AB glue dry, strong; if AB glue dry, please pay attention to safety.

If you need any background wall stone materials, welcome to contact Newstar Stone.

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