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The Newest Hotel Furniture with Stone Surface

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2018

In modern interior design, whether it is office, apartment or hotel, furniture design always play an important role in the whole project. Obviously, furniture design has the vital function for a hotel.

A complete hotel design work cannot be separated from the elements of hotel design style, furniture, props and so on. The designer advocates the integration of the overall design concept. In addition to the architectural space, indoor modeling, hotel lighting design and other elements, furniture also plays a very important role.

Furniture design not only the most effective decorative element in the space environment, it also has an indispensable function in the modern interior design.

As we all know, the stone is hard, heavy and natural. Besides, it has bright color, abundant texture and varieties of style. With all of these advantages, Newstar Stone launch new stone furniture that are perfectly matched with hotel design. The beautiful hotel furniture with stone surfaces, will bring the novel and unique appearence to your room. Let's appreciate it together.

hotel furniture with stone surface

How about these hotel furnitue? Want to know more furniture, you can visit the Newstar Hotel Funiture E-catalog.

nightsand side table

console and tv stand furniture for hotel

Also, Newstar will take these furniture and more delicate products to the Coverings 2018 in Atlanta, we warmly welcome every customer to visit us at booth 209-211 on May 8th-11th, or you can contact us anytime at

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