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Newstar Kiko at customer service

Last Updated: Oct 28, 2017

Kiko is a very talented sales professional, white hair in stone product -marble, granite, tile and countertop. Her expertise has no bounds she provides superior customer service and is a pleasure to work with. She is very responsive to client requests, and she is very timely in getting back to the client.
Newstar Member

Newstar pursues premium services for clients. Kiko values this belief second to none. Kiko is just one of many staff who contributes to clients and love their work.Just like saying"From now on, I'm gonna say yes-- yes to love, yes to adventure, yes to life, whatever it may be, the answer's going to be yes.

Maintain good communication with colleagues and customers.Good organization and coordination skills.

As for Kiko, I hope you understand how great she is at customer service. She is very responsive to my requests, and she is very timely in getting back with me.  I understand the great time difference between China and my business hours.  And there is never a time that Kiko does not respond very fast to my e-mails or text.  I do not know if she ever sleeps.  I have since learned to only trying to contact her early in my day, or late in my day, so I do not disturb her late at night over in China. Thank you,

Wrote by David Bean

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