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How to Purchase the Mosaic Background Wall

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2017

Due to the mosaic single unit size, color variety, with a combination of infinite, it can perform the designers styling and design inspiration Incisively and vividly, show its unique artistic charm and personality. Has been widely used in hotels, bar, station, swimming pool, entertainment places, the home wall and artistic mosaic and so on.
Due to the technical content is lower than a large area of the wall and floor tiles, the general attention to more details on the design and packaging details while purchase mosaic.

Packaging details :
First of all, the regular manufacturers should be printed with the manufacturer's trademark and the name of the manufacturer.
Secondly, the packing box surface should also be printed with product name, factory name, registered trademarks, production date, color, specifications, quantity and weight (gross weight, net weight), moisture-proof, fragile, stacking direction signs.
Third, the inside of the box to put moisture-proof paper, the product placed in close order, each box is accompanied by a inspection certificate.
Quality :
 1, Check the toughness and strength of the back paper, the qualified paper will not tear in the process of handling and normal construction.
2, Check the color uniformity. Generally, it can be tiled several mosaic in a good light, eye measure the gloss whether is uniform or not.
3, Check for cracks, defects and lack of edge, corner missing phenomenon.
4.Observe the degree of color matching, the general decorative glass mosaic decorate area should account for more than 20% of the total area and uniform distribution.
Three notes when buy mosaic:
1. Neat specifications : we should notice that whether the particle has the same size and the same size, each small particle edge is neat; place the monolithic mosaic on the horizontal floor to check whether it is smooth, and  the back of the mosaic has too thick latex layer.
2. Rigorous process: the first is to touch the glaze, can feel the slip degree; and then look at the thickness, thickness  determinate density, high density and low water absorption rate; the last is to see the inner texture, middle glaze is usually  high quality mosaic.
3. Low water absorption: This is a element to ensure that the durability of the mosaic, so it also check the water absorption, drop water to the back of the mosaic, water overflow is the high quality mosaic and water penetrate down is the low quality mosaic.

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