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What do most of the world's most lavish hotel decoration have in common?

Swanky marble tile floors and walls!

A timeless tradition, marble surfaces have been used to exhibit luxury and elegance for thousands of years, beginning with the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

Today, marble tile floors are tying together other products like colossal columns, pantomorphic moulding, spectacular chandeliers and majestic fountains in the most famous hotels.

From our Newstar Stone's hotel projects, here an example of the world's most magnificent hotel featuring marble application.

Let's appreciate the design of this luxury hotel from Newstar Stone in Uganda.

The hotel is mostly decorated with three popular marble colors, Light Crema Marfil, Light Emperador and Dark Emperador. The floor is covered by marble tile and marble waterjet pattern, the wall is decorated by marble big panel, column, moulding, skirting.

1, Main Entrance Lobby

The hotel main entrance lobby features a traditional Light Emperador and Dark Emperador marble waterjet tile floor design with a modern twist for an overall stunning effect. From the moment you enter, you feel that you are in a place of sophistication and luxury.

2, Lounge Lobby

This hotel Lounge Lobby floor tiles design is mainly for Light Crema Marfil Mareble, Light Emperador marble and Dark Emperador marble that really adapts to the vibrant city.

All the details of the hotel interior design is an amazing experience to all guests, offering a perfect stay in one of the most modern and spacious hotels of the city.

3, Main Corridor & Lift Lobby

The most technically taxing component of the project was water jet cutting more than 10 different types of lines with marble medallion inlays installed in the front of elevator. Slab flooring graces the elevator lobbies, with full stone surrounds at each cab opening and base.

The corridors showcase the use of stone borders, skirting, marble columns and full stone casing at entry doors.

4, Meal Restaurant

A restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage. It’s about more than just a dining room away from home.

There are many factors that influence an awesome restaurant atmosphere.

In addition to delicious food that can take the spotlight as guests, factors such as floor design with the Light Emperador marble tiles, music, lighting, artwork and spacing combine to create comfort, intimacy and even romance.

5, Other Applications

There are other applications with Newstar Stone Products in this luxury hotel, including marble vanity tops for bathroom, mix marble tiles for stair treads, etc.

The corridors showcase the use of stone borders, skirting, marble columns and full stone casing at entry doors.

Whether you are trying to compete with the area's most extravagant hotels or you are simply trying to make a strong first impression with your commercial business design, Newstar Stone's extensive selection of top-quality marble tiles can help you achieve any and all design goals.

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