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 Finding the perfect countertop shouldn’t be a challenge. That’s why we’ve assembled some points to consider when buying the surface that’s right for your home and budget.
Material Considerations: Before You Buy
Newstar Granite Countertops
Granite countertops are crafted from beautiful, durable, natural stone.  Visually rich and dynamic, they're highly heat-resistant and can stand up to stains and bacteria when properly sealed.  And, thanks to their ultra smooth texture, granite is phenomenal for baking preparations, like rolling dough.
Granite countertops do have visible seams. To maintain your granite, seal it yearly. Use caution around stress points as the stone can split.
Popular granite colors : Blue Pearl, Baltic Brown, Giallo Fiorito, Galaxy Black, Santa Cecilia, sunny flower etc .

Newstar Quartz Countertops
Quartz is another nonporous natural stone countertop option that is the most durable option available. Like granite, quartz resists heat, water, bacteria and stains, but is easier to maintain because you never have to seal it. Quartz countertops have more consistent colors and patterns and are very easy to clean.
With quartz, there are fewer shades to choose from and you will have to contend with visible seams, but with so many other benefits, quartz is a wonderful choice for countertops that last.
Popular quartz colors: pure white, beige quartz, dark grey quartz, Absolute Noir quartz, cararra white quartz,calacatta white quartz etc.

Newstar Laminate Countertops
Laminate countertops consist of sheeting glued to plywood or particleboard substrate. Size 3/4” laminated .The result is a beautiful, affordable countertop that’s quite durable. Laminate countertops resist water, are the easiest surface to clean and maintain and come in hundreds of color and style options. 

Keep in mind that they sometimes have visible seams and edges and are susceptible to cuts and scratches. Laminate countertops are less heat-resistant than solid stone, so be sure to use a trivet.

Countertops Edge Treatments
Countertops import part is edge treatments ,
countertops thickness 3/4”,1  1/4”,laminated 3/4”+3/4”.popular edge is eased ,flat,bullnosed,bevel ,radius,ogee.

Countertops  shape  types
Countertops shape types designs: L shape countertop,U-shape countertop ,L shape+ Island countertop ,parallel countertops  according to your kitchen room size and designs .

Countertop backsplash
The options for backsplash materials and tile types are endless. Check out the looks we love before updating your kitchen backsplash.materails is as countertops materails or mosic types.

Consider the Sink
A top-mounted sink can be used with any countertop material and is dropped in after the counter is installed. An under-mounted sink is placed under the countertop and works best with waterproof countertop materials such as concrete, solid surfacing, stainless steel, stone, or quartz. Some materials, such as solid surfacing and stainless, can be used for both the sink and counter, creating a seamless look.

Manage Those Measurements
Have the fabricator take final measurements, making accuracy his responsibility. Insist that the estimate and contract specify the material's thickness and finish, and fees for cutouts for the sink, faucet, and cooktop, along with edge treatment, backsplash, and removal of old counters.