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American Multi-Familty

 Newstar produces all kinds of countertops (including VANITY, COUNTETOP, ISLAND TOP, BAR TOPS, DESK TABLE, REGISTRATION DESK) and windows, shower panels and other apartment projects, according to your drawings processing production. We supply the countertops has 100 kinds of colors, the main types of granite, China Stone, India Stone, Africa Stone
Below is American apartments designs guide for your study,
American apartments types:
Single family house,
Townhouse townhouse
Apartment cando (independent property)
Apartment apartment (not independent property)

Economic stone type
By price
G682, G664, G687, G664, tiger yellow, tiger white, G640, G654, G603, san coast,tan brown, Baltic brown golden, golden autumn,butterfly green, white roses, yellow butterfly etc.
By colors
Gray: G603, G640, tiger skin white
Yellow: G682, san coast, golden autumn, white roses, yellow butterfly,
Pink: G664, G687
Dark gray :G654
Brown: tan brown, Baltic brown golden
Green: Butterfly Green
Countertops edge processing:
Straight/Flat/Eased edge, Laminated edge, Bullnosed, Bevel, Radius, Dupont, Ogee etc
Countertops surface processing:
Polished, leather

Countertop accessories:
Kitchen cabinet, Stainless steel sink, Copper sink, Ceramic sink, Faucet, Wardrobe
Bathroom accessories:
Bathroom vanity, Copper basin, Glass basin, Taps, Shower faucet, Toilet suit Accessories
Kitchen countertops design
Single row type, Double row type, U type, Island type, L type

Learn more countertops before orders:
1, the color is good to do for countertops, it need to filled holes if stone with pores.
2, large size countertops, to determine where to join to make two pieces, the price can be cheaper.
3, stone material characteristic, specially marble, if soft, much veins, big grain type stone surfces, it is easy to broken, we suggest to glue steel on backside of countertops if 3cm not need to add steel.
4, if it is engineering project, and asked to order more pieces to avoide broken .
5, Sink question, if the customers buy their own sinks, need to provide sink cut out size of sink and faucet, Newstar can provide one stop shop of countertops accessories: cabinets, sink , faucets, clips, ceramic sink, stainless steel sink etc.
6, the kitchen countertops need to dig the screw holes (individual guests to)
7, large size Island tops (such as the island tops more, or L-type more), pay attention to the Big size  countertops or island tops can not be stacked when load containers. Make sure that one cabinet is installed.
8, Countertops project, need to specify the room number or customers specified number.
9, Stone colors, make the same room with the uniform the colors because stone colors is varies some times .
Sink: Some customers will require cupc certification.
Quality Standard:
  1. Color: the same color countertops basically the same color to each stone for the first tone. At the same time must be strictly to ensure that each box, each set, retaining the same color tone.
  1. color line: in principle, does not allow the presence of colored lines, if there is only in the corner parts, and each countertops allows only one not obvious color line, but the color should be light, not too dark too close to the stone Character, to 1.5 meters from the visual is not obvious as a measure of the standard.
  1. Staining: ф ≦ 20 mm, each countertops allows up to 2 (diameter ф ≦ 5 mm excluding), there are two, the distribution should be a certain distance interval, can not be concentrated in one, can not appear in the middle , And the color should be shallow, not too deep too dark, people from the 1.5 m visual measurement is not obvious as a measure.
  1.  crack: not allowed to have significant cracks.
  1.  holes: diameter ф> 2mm holes are not allowed.