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In 1992, with China’s reform and opening up policy, the construction site had mushroomed in China Mainland, which leaded the growth of material suppliers. Xinstar (Later, Xinstar renamed as Newstar) was one of them. At the beginning, Xinstar was just an ordinary small granite processing workshop. With the owner’s sharp business sense, Xinstar expanded the product range rapidly, and achieved the dominant position in the market. In the later 5 years, we had successes to prompt our market from domestic to Japan, South-east Asia, and even covered the whole Asia.

In 1998, Asia was experiencing a financial crisis. Including Xinstar, a large number of companies had been attacked by this crisis. Xinstar suffered great losses from this disaster, there are several huge balance, of Japan and Southeast Asia customers’, are not being paid. Moreover, parts of our long term cooperation partners stopped their business. But Xinstar teams unite together to survive the most difficult 3 years of their foreign trade history.

In 2000, new business chance turn up, network market came into being. As a totally new market, most of suppliers were suspicious of it. But Kob, the sales manager, by his daring market forecasting, with no turning back Xinstar team, broke into the network market bravely. This became an overnight success, and made the difficult XINSTAR rebirth. At the same time, XINSTAR officially changed its name to “NEWSTAR”. Since then, Newstar, started as a traditional stone supplier, became an industry leader in cross-border e-commerce company. In that year, the company sold their first $ 1 million.

In 2004, Newstar turned to be a middle scale corporation. In order to provide partners with better product and service, we did transformation from a pure trading company into an Industry and Trade Integration Company; our entire mission is to provide a better price, more attentive service, more stable product quality. In the same year, Kob optimistic about Ma’s Alibaba platform, and decide to entered, which was considered as stupid by many people at that time, but Newstar did enter. This lead Newstar’s second leap, orders flooding, our annual surged from $ 1 million dollars into $ 3 million.

In 2009, Newstar decided to open branch in Shijing, to increase more processed varieties, and to share the main factory production pressure. Our market extends to Europe and the Americas, the sales also reached 10 million U.S. dollars. This year, Newstar did a big reform both inside the company and outside. And introducing the “family” culture, all the colleagues and all our partner companies are one family. We started to add Family Care into our service, partners visit Newstar was just feeling right at home. Newstar had begun to frequently attend various care activities, such as: charity, foundations, donation activities etc.

In 2011, Newstar moved the new company site, the environment did overall upgrade, and we called it family-office. We also created a 500-square-meter luxury showroom, giving partners a more intuitive experience.

In 2012, Newstar, as an eight years Alibaba member, was honored to be one of Global TOP10 E-Business Enterprise. Newstar was placed on the New York Times Square.
Today, Newstar supply more than 800 kinds of stones from 50 countries around the world, including granite, marble, slate, travertine etc. Annual production of at least 300,000 square meters. Newstar has done good preparations, keeping on reform and innovation, to greet the next market challenges.