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At Newstar, protecting the environment is our common consciousness. At the forefront of environmental stewardship in the stone industry, Newstar is focused on improving ways to service our customers in the most environmentally responsible ways. We recognize that every little bit helps will encourage and challenge Newstar family .
The following case studies highlight these positive attributes of stone and its application as a green building product.below is application of Green Building Certification Programs to Natural Stone and association of stone products .
National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF) certifies that applicable Newstar. Newstar products conform to the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 51– Food Equipment Materials.
Newstar is a proud member of MIA and BSI (known as MIA+BSI, the Natural Stone Institute) serve more than 1900 members in 55 countries who represent every aspect of the natural stone industry
Newstar products abtains CE Certification,it is required for all recreational boats entering or being sold in the European Union. Manufacturers must test and document to ensure conformity to all applicable European directives and requirements.
Newstar products abtains Bureau Veritas Certification, Bureau Veritas Certification operates globally and holds 60+ accreditations to deliver locally accredited certification and verification services.
Newstar are audited supplier by SGS, The core services offered by SGS include the inspection and verification of the quantity, weight and quality of traded goods, the testing of product quality and performance against various health, safety and regulatory standards.
Natural stone products supplied by Newstar have environmentally preferable characteristics:
  • It comes from the earth and is inherently eco-friendly.
  • Natural stone has a longer replacement life than all other countertops surfaces
  • It is a preferred sustainable building
  • It is highly regarded for its natural character and stability
  • It is non-toxic and can last for centuries.
  • No chemicals go into its quarrying or fabricating
  • It is easy to care for and maintain
  • It has the environmentally friendly attribute of being recyclable
  • It is pure, and therefore void of any foreign substance that might be harmful to the earth or to your health.
  • Newstar’s line of floor tiles and wall tile is largely manufactured from stone waste.